25. June 2018

Today we from Death of Anarchy have something special for you. Few weeks ago we came up with the idea of founding a Warframe Clan to expand our Roster of Games and also to keep in touch with you, the community. Currently we are building the Clan Dojo and try to "educate" some members of our staff on this game, so that we can give you advice in this quite complex Game.

So what is "Warframe"
Warframe is a free to play Co-op Third Person shooter at it's core, but it's much more. The game itself relies heavily on it's PvE (Player versus Environment) component and as such offers a lot of Content up that alley. With an exeptional good story, Warframe puts you into the role of the "Operator" that is controlling the "Warframe". As the "Operator", you have to find out who you are and what happens to you in the future of this World, bit by bit. Warframe offers not only a story that you and your friends can explore, but it also sends you across our whole Solar-System and beyond, visiting not only our strange deformed Earth but also planets like Saturn and Pluto. With all these things combined Warframe has become a phenomenon in the Steam charts, by always staying in the top five most played games.

What do you do on these Missions?
Looking for Loot of course! Warframe is also called "Loot shooter", where you Loot stuff to become more deadly, to get even better stuff! Warframe also differs from it's genre competitors by avoiding the so called "Cover feature", instead of hunkering down behind a small wall, you jump around, roll around, climb walls with ease and also glide.

So what is our goal in "Warframe"
We from Death of Anarchy are trying to Expand our Roster of Games we play and also want to keep you guys, the community, close to us, so you might find your favourite player from another game here and play a few rounds with him.

Who is currently on this project
We have started with a small crew of four people at the moment. The long time Warframe Veteran, Marc "Thank0r" Jauernig at the helm. He is currently being assisted by three DoA Members:
Marcel "MacTac" Vincke
Luzi "percy" M.
Manuel "Lugia" B.

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting new Clan and over 18 years old, then you just need to log into Warframe and Message "Thank0r" ingame and add him to your friendslist! He will answer you as soon as possible.

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