Our Story

Our story began in Fall 2017 when the first Counter Strike Team decided to get serious and found this organization. From then onward DoA started hiring Teams and growing a community.

  • October 2017Getting Started

    The former Members of the Counter Strike Team decided to start the Organization
  • Dezember 2017Contacting first Sponsors

    Gaining Publicity we contacted the first Sponsors and got K&H Ergonomics and LPD Audio as Sponsors
  • January 2018First DoA Lan

    10 Members of the DoA Community made the first DoA Community Lan
  • February 2018

    Appoining our Rocket League, Rainbow Six Siege and League of Legends Team
  • March 2018Partnering with RuntimeGG

    Partnered with Runtime.gg
  • March-April 2018Attending ESF 2018

    Our Counter Strike Main Team attends the Electronic Sports Festival 2018 in Vienna and manages to get into the Playoffs
  • 13th May 2018Signing "Team Kaiserschmarrn"

    On the 13th of May 2018 we signed our new Counter Strike Main Team
  • 29th May 2018Officially Enlisted as eSport Club

    Since the 29th of May 2018 Death of Anarchy is offacially enlisted as an Austrian eSports Club!
  • 1st June 2018LogLan 2018

    Our Counter Strike Main Team attends the LogLan 2018 and finishes 3rd place winning 400€

Our company

We are Death of Anarchy e.V. and we are one of the first legal eSport Organizations in Austria. We are located in Austria and reply always within 24 hours.


Our Goal is very clear - becomming a well known eSport Organization

SInce eSport is our passion we would love to have this Organization as a profession.Tho until we reach this goal all of us are doing this as a "hobby"

Also every leader of this Organization has been in a team before, we know the struggles new teams are going threw espacially in organizing everything and paying for leagues, servers, etc. Therefor we provide everything we can to our Teams.

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